Skirting is removing the unwanted and dirty wool from the fleece. This is the leg and belly wool, wool around the tail and wool that is saturated in vegetable matter.

Things needed:

  • Sheep fleece
  • 1 trash bag
  • 1 clear fleece bag (can also be a trash bag. Make sure to label them)
  • 1 tarp or clean grassy area

Step 1:

Remove fleece from bag and lay out the fleece cut side down .DSCN1912

Step 2:

Gently pull off all the wool around the edges of the fleece and throw them away.

Remove any areas full of vegetable matter


Step 3:

Hold the fleece above the ground and shake it back and forth allowing most of the second cuts to fall to the ground. Set wool aside and sweep up the second cuts and dirt.

Step 4:

Inspect fleece for unwanted fibers and place into the fleece bag for later use.


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