400228_450631871641239_1188697652_nHello my name is Chelsea Moller I’m a budding fiber artist living in Denver Colorado. I enjoy spinning, knitting, weaving and felting. I have a passion for the process of creating usable and wearable items from fiber that sprouted up from the ground, off an animal’s back or out an insects butt. As a kid I taught myself how to knit and then learned how to spin, but my drive to learn didn’t end there, I really wanted to get to the source of it all, so started raising sheep. I currently care for a heard of twelve sheep of all different shapes and sizes. I sheer them once a year and process most of their fleeces by hand. I graduated from Colorado State University getting my degree in Fine Arts with an emphasis on textiles. I am also an active member of the Rocky Mountain Weavers Guild and Handweaver’s Guild of America.


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