Crafting with Abandon

If you haven’t all ready guessed, I like to make a lot of different stuff. Sometimes I have so many projects going all at once it is difficult to keep track.  I am currently working on a sweater for a friend, making felted creatures for a sale,  experimenting with felting, tinkering with tatting, and weaving scarves just for fun; and that’s  not counting my non-fiber related projects.  Needless to stay I like to stay busy. Despite all this there is  a strange method to my madness.

First, I don’t just work on one type of craft, I mix it up. I will have a knitting project started along with a felting project or I’ll weave on my loom and work on sewing. By working on different craft type projects this helps prevent over use of my hands. I notice when I knit too long my hands will cramp up. After working on a very detailed shawl my hands hurt. One of my biggest fears in life is to hurt or loose my hands so that I cant make things. One of the dangers of crafting is repetitive motion. This is that main cause of  most wrist and hand problems.  By working on a different projects that uses my hands in different ways. For example, knitting uses a lot of wrist action and repetitive movement. When my wrists get tired I switch to  spinning that doesn’t require as much movement from my hands thus giving them a break but still allowing me to continue crafting.  0806171517a0806171650

One of the best  things about fiber arts is that some of my projects can travel well. when ever I leave the house I like to bring my fiber projects with me to work on while on the go. This makes flying especially fun because I have so much time to kill waiting my flight, I like strangling it with a pair of needles and some yarn. I knitted this shawl on my way to a wedding in Boston.


View of Lake Michigan from Flight to Boston

Working on different projects at the same time inspires new ideas and get over creative road blocks when they arise. I have found when working on a particularly difficult pattern, if I set it aside and work on something mentally easier it helps me figure out the problem. I used this method a lot when working on my Titan Alaum shawl.

The one down side to  constantly having so many projects. I often set them aside planning on finishing it later then I never do. when this happens I often will start over because I cant remember where I left off or I will take it apart all together.   despite this I feel that there are more benefits to my methods. here are some pictures of finished and unfinished projects




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