All Coming Together

This last month has consisted of lots of art making, several critiques, minor setbacks, and major freak outs. Finally after all this strife and struggles I am having my first gallery opening.

Last spring I signed up for a week in the Mini gallery and made that week my dead line be ready to show off my work. I managed to complete three new projects and finish pieces that I have made in previous semesters. I felt confident that I had enough work until I saw the mini gallery. Suddenly this Mini Gallery didn’t look so “mini” anymore. I started to panic thinking that all my work would be swallowed up by vast spaces of emptiness; especially when all my pieces fit in a medium sized box.   I began to reconsider older projects that didn’t make the first cut.  I soon found out that my work takes up more space than I realized. Once I started installing the wall pieces and sculpture pieces the walls began to recede letting my projects take center stage.

I called this show Metamorphosis and made a really cool poster.

gallery poster mini

My opening reception is tonight and I am really excited to have all my school friends get a sneak peak of my work. In December I have another gallery show at a gallery called 970. This show will be my official capstone show. My goal is to complete three more pieces for this show.