Capstone Countdown

Getting started 


This week I started my last semester at Colorado State University. This is the semester I have been working for the past two years for. This is the time when I am turn out on my own to make art that represents me as an artist with only the restrictions and guidelines that I set myself.  This semester I will be making works of art that show off my skills as an artist and show them in a gallery thus putting the last crowning jewel on my years here at CSU. This is going to be a difficult and exciting experience that I wish to share with you.  So for the next four months I will be documenting my work and the steps that I am taking to get to this point in my education.  This road has not been easy and there have been many days that made me want to give up. I expect to see more of those days to come as well as good days that remind me that I have made the right decision to get my Bachelors Degree in Fine Art.

So far I have a good start. I have reserved a week in the mini gallery in the middle of November. When I went to register for a spot, many of the weeks were already taken all except the week before thanks giving break it was as if it was waiting just for me.  With that taken care of, I will be focusing on my strengths as a weaver, knitter and spinner to make my artwork. I have begun sampling for my first project. All I can say about it now it that it will be knitted and it will be round.  Here are some of the samples that I have made.


From these samples I can determine what structure and pattern I want to use as well as play with color. I have to remind myself that these are important in order to save time and will be a good reference for my final project.