Fun with Fiber

In my latest posts I have given advice and directions on how to prepare raw fleeces and how to transform your fiber into yarn. With this knowledge you have made it possible to make almost anything.  When I started processing my own fibers it was because I wanted to have access to my own endless supply of yarn that I could use for knitting.  Having the knowledge to make my own yarn allowed me to make one of a kind sweaters and shawls that I am pleased to share with you.

Here will be some of my creations that I have made over the years and some that I am still working on.

The Yarn Monster Shawl

026_medium 042_medium

When I started this shawl, I had a nice skein of black Corriedale that I had spun up with beads and thought that it will make a lovely shawl. I found a pattern in the 2009 spring issue of Interweave Knits. So I started knitting. The skein only lasted for maybe a fourth of the project so I hoped on my wheel and started spinning. Six skeins and a bag of beads later I was on the home stretch I had only twenty more stitches left to cast of when I hit the end of the six skein of yarn. With a heavy sigh I returned to the wheel and cranked out an ounce of black yarn to finish the shawl. I started this shawl hoping to use up one skein of shawl and ended up having to spin up six. Never again will I start a project without at least three balls of the needed yarn.

Top hat

DSCN0532_medium2 4769_medium2

This is my first fulling Project.  Fulling is finishing processes were the garment is scoured and agitated to make the wool thicker. This has become a very popular way to finish knit projects and requires that the hat is knitted twice its actual size. I honestly didn’t believe that such a big project was going to fit my head. I was truly surprised and delighted with the results.



Along with knitting, I taught myself how to felt my reading books on the subject I started with needle felting and started making little felted llama Christmas ornaments out of llama wool and pipe cleaners. I then branched out and started making dragons.

DSCN1446 186

I ventured into the world of wet felting and learned how to make felted hats and pods. In the fall of 2012 I took on one of the biggest felting challenges so far in fiber life. I along with my friend Hillary made Appa the Sky bison from Avatar the last air bender. The two of us worked for three straight weeks felting, sewing and working with wire to create the massive beast so we could put him on display for NDK.

appa 153

I am now in school to get my Bachelor’s in Fiber arts. I have been working on two projects that show off some of my newly honed skills. I am a knitter by heart so I decided to knit a fine lace shawl and measure out how long it takes to create a lacey masterpiece. This work is titled 5days 21hours 8minutes 17seconds and counting. I have to admit that I technically quit counting because I found myself distracted by having to keep track every time I picked up this project I am however keeping track of my pattern so that I can repeat this shawl.  I am also working on creating felt fabric. I managed to make two large sheets that I then turned into two vests.


I have found working with fiber to be a new adventure with every project. I hope my work has inspired you to use fiber in your work.